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This 8 hour course is designed to introduce or refresh a firearm owner with the basic fundamentals of marksmanship and how to maintain a semi-automatic pistol. This course will require a minimum of 200 rounds. 

Learning Objectives



Gear Selection

Fundamentals Of Marksmanship

Magazine Changes (Tactical/Emergency)


Drawing From a Holster


  • One semi-automatic handgun

  • 200 rounds of ammunition minimum for your firearm

  • One good quality strong side holster (How you plan on carrying your firearm on a daily basis. *No Appendix carry holsters or Serpa holsters for this class*)

  • One dual magazine pouch or two single magazine pouches

  • 3 double stack magazines (5 single stack magazines)

  • One sturdy belt that can hold equipment (Not the belt that holds up your suit pants)

  • Eye and ear protection (electronic ear pro recommended)

  • Baseball hat or any hat with a brim

  • Food and drinks

  • Dress for the weather (we will shoot in the rain or snow)

Defensive Pistol Fundamentals: Our Programs
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