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This 16 hour course, taught over 2 days, is designed to introduce the use of red dot optics on a semi-auto pistol.  Students will understand the fundamentals of shooting RDS pistols, equipment considerations, myths and mindset of the dot, zeroing, RDS specific malfunctions, and positional shooting.

Learning Objectives


Care and Maintenance of the RDS Pistol

Equipment Considerations

Myths and Mindset of RDS

RDS Pistol Fundamentals and Offset


Finding the Dot From the Draw

Body Mechanics

Recoil Management

Strong and Support hand only employment

RDS Specific Malfunctions

Lighting Conditions and RDS


  • Open mind to learn

  • One semi-automatic handgun equipped with RDS

  • 1400 rounds of ammunition minimum for your firearm

  • One good quality strong side holster(How you plan on carrying your firearm on a daily basis. *No Serpa holsters for this class*)

  • One dual magazine pouch or two single magazine pouches

  • 3 double stack magazines (5 single stack magazines)

  • One tactical belt that can hold equipment (Not the belt that holds up your suit pants)

  • Eye and ear protection (electronic ear pro recommended)

  • Baseball hat or any hat with a brim

  • Food and drinks

  • Dress for the weather (we will shoot in the rain or snow)

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